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The Alternative, Effective and Ultimate Way

On October 11, 2011  |  Comments Off on The Alternative, Effective and Ultimate Way
Using all natural herbal product that leaves no side effects after detox

Traditional Chinese Medicine

It seems without any exception the primary implementation for detox nowadays adopted by almost every country is to use methadone, which is really another form of drug by itself to replace the larger amount of drug that patient would take regularly otherwise. However, the use of methadone over the past years has proven the irreparable damage to the health due to its serious side effects. In fact from a long term point of view it is even worse than the regular heroin or cocaine, leading to much higher death toll according to the statistic. Or at the best, the addicted will depend on daily routine methadone supply in his whole life that is bound to deteriorate fast to his last day.

So, the painful suffering of each and every addict as well as the extra financial burden shared by the public at large, will only create a deadlock with no key whatsoever to resolve, unless that is to……

Use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM means not only the medicines alone, but also its applications – mainly acupuncture and acu-massage that we offer them altogether as a package. We use 100% natural herbal stuff that is to counter act the influence of drug / alcohol toxin essence embedded in one’s system, then completely extracted and expelled it out of the body that is the fundamental difference comparing to other methods. We call it Wu Capsule and Wu Detox Method that is wholly different from any known detoxification applications which all are incapable to thoroughly chase the toxic substances out. We have successfully and safely treated 1.500+ patients since 1992. It leaves no side effects and gives the least pain if not a totally painless condition, in the whole process of withdrawal syndrome period.

We call it The Alternative, Effective and Ultimate Way. Truly a miracle way!!! And we are here to serve those who haveĀ  determined to regain their new lives.


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