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The Tendency

Currently there are so many research tasks being conducted in western world on the effects of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Some say that TCM works for a given condition. Other times, the research does not approve the time-tested approaches at all, claiming that TCM makes diagnosis without any lab tests and lacks scientific proofs to warrant its effect.

But somehow we should have noted that research has already been taking place over the past 2,000+ years by the wisdom of so many intellectuals. This kind of time-tested research is really a form of evolution rather than an instant biochemically tested result. The fact is, the therapies did work to withstand the test of time because, there must be many herbs and therapeutic methods that failed to achieve the intended results thus both TCM doctors and patients would just drop them out. In this sense TCM’s long-term approach of over the past 2,000+ years is actually more scientific than the short-term research which is done within merely a few years time by the chemical substances orientated pharmaceutical companies, who often recall their products after severe side effects surfaced.

Under the bitter snow lies the flower seed

A seed under snow?

Hence, while the awareness of the harm caused by modern chemical-based medicines continues to rise, more and more people try to unveil the mysteriousness of TCM, input more study about it, and start to embrace the natural herbs-based medicine for their health caring and treatment. In countries that the alternative methods and natural herbs are prohibited, patients may choose to come to places like Nepal where Ayurvedic and TCM are legalized to apply for treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. We hope our service will soon be recognized and accepted by the public, hence meeting the desperate demand of those victims around the world.


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