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Q: What is the purpose of Wu Detox?
A: The purpose is to detoxify all traces of any drug/alcohol in the patient’s body after a 20 days treatment at our clinic.

Q: How to achieve that goal?
A: We assist the patient to go through this regime by the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture/acu-massage technique to ease the withdrawal syndrome pain to the minimum.

Q: Is counseling during the treatment and following the completion of treatment required?
A: Yes, counseling before the treatment starts is highly recommended but not necessary during the treatment at our site. We don’t plan to provide counseling service during the treatment because, not like the other rehabilitation programs that stretch for months long, our total treatment period lasts only 20 days. The result of our treatment is so vividly noticed on the 5th day, and the behavior, emotion, attitude of the patient are quite normal during the remaining 15 days of body-strengthen period, thus we have never felt that counseling is needed at our site.  However, strong social supports – such as the companion of mother, spouse, siblings are very much desirable. It would be nice to have a counseling service afterward when the patient goes home just to make sure he can avoid the temptation of drugs/alcohol again.

Q: Then do you plan to offer rehabilitation service after the treatment?
A:  As for that issue, we may adopt a form of extending the use of our herbal capsule to achieve the goal. When Wu Capsule was first developed to meet the requirement of drug/alcohol detox, the afterward rehabilitation demand had been put into consideration, though by the method of using herbs in a DIY manner, instead of relying on physically established rehabilitation centers and the specialized personnel to go along with. For the past 20 years, our existing Wu Method seems doing both treatment and rehabilitation job at the same time with satisfied result.

Q: What are the criteria of candidate patients?
A: All candidates must first of all have genuine desire and firm determination to be free of addition. Next is they must satisfy some basic physical requirement.

Q: Can patients depend on Cannabis, Oxycontin, Xanax. Klonopin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, opiates, heroin, opium, cocaine, Stadol, morphine, Codeine, Percocet and Percodan… be treated?
A: Yes, any kind of drug addiction can be treated. 

Q: Can patients who have failed to tolerate withdrawal symptoms by other methods, such as cold turkey, methadone, be treated using Wu Method?
A: Yes, and effectively with much less discomfort comparing with other known methods.

Q: Do patients need any other western medicine (pain killer, tranquilizer…) to help ease the discomfort of withdrawal syndrome?
A: No, absolutely not. Our capsules are already formulated to take care of discomfort problems.

Q: Shall patients have good overall physical healthy condition for the treatment?
A: Yes, we cannot accept persons having heart trouble (thus an electrocardiogram test is required), glaucoma and urine system difficulties. We prefer to have a complete medical history and examination before we proceed. Any laboratory test to help record the addicted condition is recommended so the result and the effect of the treatment can be compared later.

Q: Will patient be given full opportunity to obtain all concerned information before the treatment starts?
A: Yes he can ask all questions through email, Skype or regular phone. Mother, spouse or siblings will be given the same opportunity to ask for all data they want to know, to obtain full understanding about our procedures.

Q: How many hours the patient should be abstain from his drug/alcohol use prior to starting the treatment?
A: At least 6 hours and we prefer to have 24 hours.  

Q: Will the patient be constantly monitored for signs of withdrawal and any other complications during the whole detox period?
A: Yes he will be. At all times the patient is under constant supervision and monitoring by our medical staff. We recommend that a family member can be present during the whole treatment period, preferably the mother or spouse.

Q: Are there any common complications inherent to or known with this regime?
A: No, there are not. Basically, the first week is to complete the “toxin expelling” process and another 2 weeks to enhance the result, including the body strength build-up and mental power fortification to resist temptation of drug/alcohol.

Q: Can patient return to work and his social life immediately after completion of the program?
A: Yes he can, without any waiting period.

Q: Will any patient suffer any side effects after leaving the clinic? 
A: No side effects at all if you meant by the Chinese herbal medicines. In fact they can be used repeatedly with no risk. See the next Q&A.

Q: Should the patient have relapse for some reasons after your regime has successfully completed, would this provoke a death? 
A: No. The patient can simply start the second or third round if he wants to do so. We had a lady with 9 years history of drug abuse going through the treatment three times, and finally was rid of the habit and living her normal life.

Q: What is the Success Ratio?
A: Our success ration has been 100% since 1992 based upon the terms that: the patient goes through the complete treatment period; the urine/blood examination shows no trace of drug/alcohol; and the patient has no desire for drug/alcohol at all; and most importantly, he is conscious, normal, handling his daily life all by himself when treatment ends on day 20. Only under these circumstances we say he is 100% successfully treated.

Q: How many patients are known to have gone back to relapse?
A: The exact number is unknown because it has been quite a long time since 1992 and the follow-up takes tremendous workload. But among those successful cases we know of, that as long as the patient has retained the persistent determination to stay clean,  he won’t have relapse. In other words, we can only help those who want to be saved, and can’t help those who do not. One of the good effects about this herbal detox medicine is that the patient physically feels disgusting toward the smell of drug/alcohol, even though the habitual illusion to the use of them still exists subconsciously in the first few months after the completion of treatment. Therefore, the patient’s strong will to stay away from drug/alcohol temptation, plus the support from friends and family members, are the most important help to maintain a lasting success. If the patient has not touched drug/alcohol for 3 years, we may say he will stay clean forever.

Q: Do you suggest the patient to enter into an afterward-program following the treatment?
A: Not necessarily if he has the strong will to stay clean. Otherwise, continuous rehabilitation service is recommended.

Q: Research has comments that “no single treatment approach is effective in all cases and often requires unique treatment strategies”. Is your single treatment approach effective to detoxify all addicted patients?
A: Yes it is effective. We offer this single treatment by using our natural herbal medicine to counter-act the patient’s physical need. But we do recommend the use of other support in psychological, psychiatric and social fields.

Q: What is the risk factor of this Wu Method regime?
A: During our 18 years, 1,500+ cases history of treatment, no death record existed. If there were any, we should have been charged with wrong doing, or we should never had arrived to this 18 years / 1,500+ cases position.

Q: Does the length of time (say 1 year, 2 years, 3 years…) using drug/alcohol affect the treatment result?
A: There really is no preference in the number of years as far as the treatment is concerned. But apparently the shorter the history, the better, as the influence of drug/alcohol to the patient will be comparatively easier to remove.

Q: Should women of childbearing age have pregnancy tests prior to taking the program?
A: Yes. We suggest not to do the detox for women during pregnancy.

Q: Since your herbal products and treatment method were originated from China, can I go to China to be treated?
A: No, you can’t. Chinese government authorizes its Public Security (Police) Ministry to exclusively handle all drug matters and does not allow any privately owned facilities to do the detox work.

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