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Overall Results

These capsules together with the carefully designed regime have jointly worked out a marvelous result — having treated over 1,500+ patients successfully, without a single fatal case.

One of our unique features of Wu Method is that during the whole treatment period the patients stay conscious about the process, follow the dispensing instructions, eat and sleep fairly well even during the worst withdrawal syndrome period, usually the first 5 days. After that the patients begin to turn around for a fast recovery both physically and mentally. No more pain, good appetite, sound sleep and to gain weight. After the 10th day the proceedingsĀ  become to party-like, that the patients play guitar, play cards or play games, watch TV, listen to the music, or even kick the soccer or do badminton in the yard.

We have recorded all these scenes with photos and video tapes for your review.

On top of the treatment work itself, Wu Method in some sense does extend to the scope of rehabilitation by letting the recovered patients continuously take #2 capsules in a DIY style to fortify the result. The length of this extension varies depending on individual’s condition but usually no more than 6 weeks. Comparing with other rehab programs that often take months or even longer, we would think that our rehabilitation method is simple, economic, and effective. The patient just follow the custom-tailored dispensing schedule to take the required capsules each day, and keep on going with his normal life.

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