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A license to allow NHS to do detox using TCM

Ayurvedic Dept. Permit

Nature’s Health Solution Pvt Ltd, located at Lalitpur, Kathmandu, has obtained its permit No. 1287 from Ayurvedic Department of National Health Department of Nepal to establish an acupuncture and acu-massage clinic for treating patients with all kinds of discomfort symptoms and offering treatment to drug / alcohol addicts. We are probably the first such clinic to adopt both TCM power and special skill of acupuncture /acu-massage¬† to handle addicts at minimum or even painless status during entire drug withdrawal syndrome.



Translation of permit











Founded in August of 2000, Jilin Shuang Shi Pharmaceutical, a GMP standard plant, is located in Northern China holding 9 medicament types covering some 80 different kinds of medicine and health food supplement, all with production permit issued by Chinese government.  Products cover capsules, pills, tablets, powders, syrups,  extracts (including oral liquid solution, eye drop, ointment), etc. Moreover, a GAP standard plantation base is under planning too. This plant produces all TCM we need to enhance the acupuncture and acu-massage treatment.

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