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From Nepali Patients

Used to be the most famous drug addict in Pokhara, but I'm clean nowBy Bikram Gurung, Jan. 1, 2008

Hi, my name is Bikram Gurung and I am 29. I was born in Kalingpong, India. My father was an Indian army and mom was a housewife. I am from the middle class family so I was brought up in the good family and studied in a good school. When I was in grade 4, I first tried drugs with my senior brothers. Then slowly hooked into different drugs. I was a very good football player. Because of drugs I could not complete grade 10 and I tried to involve in the business. I met a lot of drug users in the business sector and I was seriously gone into the drugs. I tried to quit the drugs many times. My parents sent me in the different treatment centers. I stayed for one month and I usually escaped from there. Because of addiction I could not do well in my business. My parents arranged beautiful girl and I was married, but it could not last for long and we were divorced. I gave a lot of trouble to my family and myself. I tried to be good and get rid of drugs but all was in vain. Suddenly my neighbor talked to me about the herbal detoxification program and encouraged me to join the program. I made up my mind and decided to join the treatment program. The program was so good and I regained my health. People in the center also helped me a lot.  Now I am happy and my family members are happy too. I would like to thank all the team members i. e Tom, Mike and Master Wu for their wonderful support.

The handsome guy should be married by nowBy Robin Rana, Jan. 1, 2008

My name is Rabin Rana and I am 29 year old. I was 18 when I started drugs. I was born in a middle class family. I was born in a tourist place where many tourists from different parts of the world come to visit and I started working as a tourist guide when I was in grade 8. I like their way, and I begun to work as a tourist guide to earn money.  Whenever I get paid I spent money on alcohol, marijuana and other drugs with my friends. Slowly I was hooked to heroin. The price of the heroin was so high. Then I begun to steal things and was caught and put into police custody several times. I tried a lot to quit drugs and my family put me in the treatment center. But I had a strong reservation for drugs. After the treatment I again went into the drugs. I became so depressed and found my life meaningless. Once I heard someone from China is in the town to provide drug treatment through herbal therapy so I became interested to join the treatment program. Now I am clean for 7 months and I have not taken any drugs. Now I am healthy and I am happy. Now I am working as a volunteer in the center and helping new comers in their treatment.

By Madhav Koirala, Pokhara, April 5, 2007 My name is Madhav Koirala. I am 31 years old. I have 2 daughters and 1 son. I also belong to the tourist place and working as a tourist guide. Whenever I had money from my trekking business I used to hang around with my friends and started taking drugs with them.  Slowly I was shifted into heroin and made my life miserable. I tried to quit drugs many times but I remain unsuccessful. I went to India to find job and also quit the drugtaking habit. I worked in India for 8 months and I was away from drugs for those months. When I returned to Nepal and found same peers and again jumped into the drugs. I tried different treatment for many times but I was not successful. This time I was taken to the herbal treatment center, which was an amazing method having no side effects. Now I have found new life and hope and also helping others to stay away from drugs. I would like to thank Mr. Tom and Master Wu and his team for this great treatment.

The smart young guy with a loving motherGanesh Gurung, April 5, 2007, Age 22

When I was 16 years old I began to take Marijuana. I began to hang around with friends. I used to manipulate my parents and buy Marijuana. After sometime Marijuana doesn’t gave me high and I begun to take opiates and Brown Sugar (a kind of heroin). When I became sick I used to do anything even I sold my blood to take drugs. In this way I passed my days. In the meantime, there was a sudden political strike in Nepal and Nepal was closed for 19 days which resulted in the scarcity of Brown Sugar in the town. So I began to shoot(inject) Tidigesic, one of the famous choice of drugs among Nepali drug user. Then my health condition dropped so quickly and my vein disappeared. I hit the rock bottom and I began to inject in my groin. I usually thought that I would never be able to quit drugs and I will die using drugs. I felt that I never got love from my family and friends. One of my relatives counseled me and asked me to quit drugs and be a good human being. Then I think a lot and I decided to do something good for myself and others. I would not live like dead rather I would live for myself and others. I was searching for the opportunity to be in the treatment but I could not get one because my parents were not able to afford the treatment. Then some people from Magic Circle drug treatment center came with the proposal to join the treatment. I became so happy and I joined the treatment. I would like to thank Treatment Team for granting me an opportunity to join the treatment and I pray for the detox program which is proved in many people’s life. The herbal detox works and it has worked in my life. So, I would like to thank all treatment professional who came here from China to treat us.  Thanks a lot.

What a name that nobody will forget!Soviet Bahadur Thapa, Lake side, Baidam, April 5, 2007

I began to take heroin at the age of 21. Daily consumption of heroin made my life unmanageable and I became addicted to it. My health condition and relationship with family destroyed by the. I gave trouble to my family and friends. I used heroin for three and half year. Everybody called me by the name Junkie. Then I went to one of the treatment center and stayed away from drugs for certain period. Then I began to take alcohol as a substitution. Alcohol is accepted by the Nepali society and my family used to tell me to take alcohol, but no drugs. Now I feel that alcohol is dangerous than drugs. It destroyed my life. I often used alcohol for three months and abstained for 6 months. In such a way I spent most of life using alcohol. Finally I tried to quit alcohol so I came to Master Wu to get treatment where I found the Chinese treatment professionals with herbal therapy. These detox are working so nicely that now I am out of alcohol and feeling good. I am from poor family. I didn’t have good education. I have just passed class nine. I am a farmer and now work as a tourist guide. Now I have two sons and two daughters. I have to look after my family and their needs. Now I have planned to quit alcohol therefore I have joined the treatment. Today I am very happy because I am getting free treatment from Chinese professionals. These herbal products are very good and do not have side effects. I believe that now I do not have to use alcohol no matter what comes in my life. The life free from alcohol is far better than an alcoholic life. I thank all for helping me to make my life better.

Rabin Dhoz Lama, August 20, 2011

My name is Rabin Dhoz Lama. I am 22 years old and I am a recovered drug user. I used drug for about 7 years. I started from marijuana and slowly increased level to tablets such as nitro sun , nitro vat , close-ep, proxy von and also frequent use of alcohol. And then I started using Brown sugar at the age of 16. It costs really expensive and I ran out of money and started dealing drugs. I had many police cases because I was leading many gang wars and drug dealings. And once I had an overdose and taken to hospital at the age of 20. And then I realized that my life was living in hell. Then I wanted to be changed and I was in search of a good rehabilitation centre where I found Natures’ Health Solution to be the best and I took treatment over there for three months. During treatment I took No.1, No. 2 and medicines for 20 days and Mr. Nar the Director, Mrs. Shanti the financer and Dr. Umesh took a good care of me and then thinking of my links in gangs they sent me to bible college for 5 months and after returning from there I helped on Natures’ Health Solution as volunteer in treating other drug users to be recovered. I left all my past deeds and my friends circle totally and gave my time in NHS and then now, I am now working in NHS as a therapy technician after I have recovered for 2 years. When I looked back in past, I couldn’t find it possible without the help of Natures’ Health Solution. I really wanna thank all the members of NHS for their homely environment and the one who made medicines for detox. Thank you, thank you very much.  

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