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The Herbal Regime

The herbs were given in units whereby each unit was one capsule. For convenience and to provide a better overview, the following table shows the number of units per each twenty four hour period:

Herb      Day 1      Day 2      Day 3      Day 4      Day 5      Days 6 – 20      Days 21 – 40

#1             90            21            21             21            21                 21                      –

#2           126           33            33              33            33                 33                    24

The first day was the loading dose. The herbs were given at regular intervals while the patient was awake. The doses were timed so there was a forty minute interval between #1 and #2 and 20 minutes between #2. Item #1 was withdrawn after 5 days as one would by then expect ‘toxins’ to be flushed out. Item #2 was tailed down to a maintenance level of 24 capsules, to be continued for a period of at least 8 weeks – the strengthening period. Often during a detoxification program people complain of feeling shivery and cold. In the case of Mr. S L this was not so although warm weather may have helped. Withdrawals were minimal and confined to about three or four hours during the second night but he eventually managed to fall asleep.

The abscess was also a little uncomfortable at that time and may have been causing some malaise.

To the observer the most striking change over the first six days was a gradual improvement in complexion, an increased appetite and an altogether more relaxed and sociable individual.

The main problem encountered was the bulk of the herbs. They are prepared in powder form but the taste of the raw substance is outrageously revolting. Swallowing the large number of capsules particularly during the first 24 hours was unpleasant particularly as the patient had chosen to use Lucozade. Eventually he discovered the best way to swallow the medicine was to take it with yogurt.

Mr. S L returned to his home on day 6. This was not optimal but Professor Wu had to return to China. He nevertheless left instructions and sufficient supplies.

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