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Theory Basis

The fundamental goal of TCM is to maintain a balanced status of one’s body. The philosophy of so-called Yin (moon, dark, negative, feminine quality), and Yang (sun, bright, positive, masculine quality) is always emphasized for any individual as well as to the universe. When these two aspects in one’s body are balanced, health condition achieved, meaning there is no illness.

Beyond our common knowledge about different organ systems, TCM also stresses the importance of Qi, (energy, or function)  through 14 major meridians (pathways, or channels) network embedded within the whole body too. There are some 300+ such acu-points scattering along meridians at the fixed position performing designated duty to work with its affected organ systems. Any blockage of Qi along these meridians will cause pain, disorder, or sickness. And that is where acupuncture or ac-massage falls into. The stimulation of needle, or electronically discharged low frequency vibration, or acu-pressure, precisely at the related acu-points will clear the blockage to let Qi flow through. This is something like sending a cop to the malfunctioned stop light to clear traffic jam, and then using TCM together to strengthen or repair the affected organ system.

In short, not like the prevailing western medical application that treatment must be done to the pinpoint level, TCM adopts a macroscopic view and time-tested approaches, selecting the best appropriate formula that have gone through the long-term trial over the past 2,000+ years, to deal with the patients. Indeed, TCM doesn’t act exclusively on the smaller units of separate organ system, but rather to the larger whole human body.


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