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Professor Wu’s Regime

This is ideally done in a residential setting where there is staff available around the clock to guide and counsel and also arrange activities so as to maintain the patient’s interest. It is recommended the patient is brought down drug use to zero when treatment is actually commenced but there is no known reason why the herbal treatment should not be introduced say in the latter stages of a planned detoxification program in conjunction with a clinic.

There are two formulations named #1, and #2. At this stage the herbal contents are in powder form within capsules but this means that up to 200 capsules may initially be required to deliver the calculated quantity of herbal treatment. The two groups of capsule are then given in a regime at regular timed intervals during the day. Their properties in herbal terms are:

#1. to flush the drug of addiction out of the system.

#2. to revitalize the patient by inducing a feeling of warmth and calmness.


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