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The Regime

There are basically 2 kinds of regime to be observed by both drug addicts and alcoholics:


1.  Do not execute this program to patients who have heart problem, glaucoma or urinary problem.

2. Reducing the methadone or drug intake to the very minimum amount before commencing this schedule shall greatly enhance the effect of this program.

3.  Thoroughly clean up the bedroom, use fresh clothing and bedding to get rid of any drug (methadone) scent.

4.  Prepare a totally secluded environment for the patient. Guard off phone call or outside contact. Monitor the whole treatment by family members, doctors and nurses. Prevent any possible drug / alcohol use by the patients.

5.  Prepare a complete Dispensing Time Table chart for this 20 days program and observe it strictly. Record the accurate quantity of the intake. Speed of intake: One capsule per minute. Take the capsule at a sit-up position with plenty of warm water (add honey if needed), helped by tapping the back of patient to avoid possible vomiting.

6. During the first 10 days some acupuncture and massaging are recommended to help ease the discomfort.

7.  Avoid drinking tea, coffee or smoking during the treatment period. Drink a pint of salt-diluted water each morning to help bowl movement.

8.  For strong young addicts unwilling to be detoxed, attention should be given to prevent the possible violence (only in the first 5 days).

9.  During the first few days large amount of toxic substances will be expelled through sweat,  stool and urine.  When the urine turns from turbid to clear; stool turns from black, green, or white to normal; the face color turns from gray pale to pink; the tongue color turns from heavy yellow coating or texture cracking to flesh color and fuller flat, it is the sign of recovery which usually happens after the first 4-5 days. Patient will then have good appetite for more food. 

10.  Some patients may feel slight eyesight retardation thus reading books and TV watching should be avoided.  The eyesight will get back to normal after the 5th day. Some patients may have illusion, imaginary hearing or acting like to use drug. It will be gone after the 5th days.

For drug addicts, 876 pcs of #1 and 1,206 pcs of #2 consumed. Total consumption: 2,082 pcs.

For alcoholics, 330 pcs of #1, 750 pcs of #2, and 1,120 pcs of #3 consumed. Total consumption: 2,200 pcs.


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