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From Canadian Patients

A smart girl that I will remember forever

Step, Her mother and aunt, Wu, Tom

From Stephanie Dawn Ermatinger

Master Wu:

Well it’s the 12th day into your course there is so much I can tell you but don’t know how. Therefore I will start way back to when I was and where I was born.

I was born on a cold, cold blizzard day on January 24th 1978, named Stephanie Dawn Ermatinger to my parents Amo & Helena Ermatinger. A year before my parents gave birth to Michelle Lee Ermatinger who was born Dec. 1976, died May 77, 5 months after she was born. I feel her death had a lot to do with my life and the way I was raised. I have eight siblings all together. My dad was a very hard working cement mason. He always provided for us children.

My mother work odd jobs and more or less took care of us. I have always been very close to my Dad. Then my Dad became an alcoholic. When my father was so drunk on the booze he would hurt my Mom. When I look outside at those geese here how protected, they are towards their young ones reminds me of my mother when my Dad would come in flopping, singing around, Mom would go to the fartherest room in the house with us. When he would yell at my Mom and hit her, I would get mad and intervene and that would calm him down. Dad loved his kids equally, but always pulled me aside to teach me about God, hunting, fishing, growing vegeies, etc….

My Grandfather then came to live with us from when I was 4 years -13 years Old he was my world. I loved my Papa. He taught me to love and pick sweet grass, to speak Ojibway.

During the age of 10-12 I was sexually abused and felt I couldn’t tell anyone. I’ve learned to block it out of my mind.

At a young age of 13 I started to abuse alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes. At the age of 17 I met a handsome man named Robert Sands. By 19 I had a child Mariah. She is the light and hope in my life. I raised her daily till she was 9 years old. Robert and I separated 6 years ago. I was so hurt. I picked up the drug crystal meth. It made me feel good, loved and energetic for the past 7- 8 years. It became daily and a horrible addiction. Oxy’s, morphine, codeine,…. All of the above.

Master Wu since I have been here I have been able to interact soberly, laugh, cry and exercise. I have not felt this good since I was 13-14 years old. It feels like I was a sleep for years. My daughter missed me since she was 9. I love our Creator for bringing us together. There is a reason for everything. This system here, Master Wu, was the best experience I have had so far in life. It’s giving me back my life. In an all-natural, safe, pain free way. I could tell you care and love all living, so do I. One day I would love to see China and all its beauty. China must have lots of knowledge, love & respect that is why the Creator chose you to show or help me every day. I pray I go for a walk alone, just my Creator and I are there. I cry, laugh and ask Him for wisdom, shelter, strength and teachings to take back to my community.

Master Wu, Tom Yu, Mike and Joe, I thank very much for being here for Stephanie Dawn Ermatinger.

Love, Happiness in the after life,


June 1, 2011, Walpole Island, Toronto

The brave guy with talent of artFrom Polz

Master Wu:

I promise you I will never do drugs again in my life. I will tattoo your name at the back of my neck!!!!



So good to rid off the alcohol that bothers me for 35 years!From Harlo

Master Wu:

Never dreamed that I could be sober in my life again. But I am now!



The guy with the highest education among the groupFrom Mathew

Master Wu:

I don’t even feel pain to arrive to a detoxed condition. I will go back school to finish my degree so I can do the detox-related work.


Feeling so good when detoxed?From Kyle

Master Wu:

Thanks a lot for your effort, coming all the way from China to treat me. I feel like new now!

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