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How It Is Developed

Professor Wu’s original formula of the detoxification medicine was made in tonic form, the very traditional way in China. But because it was awkward to handle, inconvenient to prepare and difficult to dispense to the patient, the tonic form was discarded and powder form adopted. Still not an ideal way for the keeping and dispensing, it was then to change to the capsule form which confines the powder in each unit with accurate amount by each unit. So the capsule form has been established ever since mid 90’s, regardless how the ingredients inside are fine tuned along the path of the past 15 years.

The method stresses particularly on the time interval when taking the capsule, i.e., one piece of capsule at every minute time. This is to maintain the medicine content in the blood as much the same leveling as possible for the designated time period when the medicine reacts to the toxin in the body. Then there is a gap time between different capsules which is to let the previous absorbed medicine dissipate to the minimal, then ready to accept the new batch of medicine come into blood for another assigned duty. Our experience during the past years proved that the maximum effect can be obtained by strictly observing this schedule.




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