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Progress after One Month

 (at the time of this writing)

Overall, the progress has been good although he has compensated to a small extent by increasing alcohol consumption. He is aware of the harm this could do in relation to hepatic function. Heavy smoking continues unabated. These two problems far outweigh the danger of drug addiction to his overall life expectancy.

The craving for drugs seems to be consistently absent despite one episode when he met a young lady outside a pub while drinking. She was what is known in the trade as a cocaine slag – sex for drugs and, although the sex never actually materialized they did share some cocaine and heroin over a two day period. “– the combination of alcohol and an attractive woman proved too strong”. A few days later he developed an itchy rash on his body especially on his legs that rapidly became infected through scratching. This is a common sequel to cocaine abuse. There has been no further lapse of heroin or cocaine use and Mr. S L remains determined to stay off drugs. He has also made an appointment to see a nurse practitioner about stopping smoking.

He takes his medication regularly but finds it difficult to time it in the same way as when he was being supervised.

Interestingly the abscess on his back has healed very quickly and is now, after only one month just a faded scar.

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