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Nar B. ThakurathiNar B. Thakurathi, Manager, Christian

B.A. Kumaon University, Nainital, India

Former teacher and NGO volunteer

English and Hindi language speaking


ShantiShanti Pun, Assistant Manager, Christian

Technical Examination in the field of Assistant Nurse Midwife, Institute of Community Health, Mahendranagar.

English speaking



Umesh Bhatt Umesh Bhatt , Christian

Nepal Sanskrii University with Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurvedic Health Assistant (A.H.A.), working at this clinic for 3 years

English speaking


Robin LamaRabin Dhoz Lama, Therapy Technician, Christian

Former drug addict treated at this clinic in 2010

English speaking



Salomi Lama

Logistic Assistant



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