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What A Terrible Waste Of One’s Life

Few people want or expect to become addicted to hard drugs when they first try them. It may be pleasurable and exciting at first but some people come to realize that the compulsion to take more drugs creeps up on them and that addiction can take over their entire lives. The excitement of taking drugs is further glamorized by the high level of prohibition in society. Months or even years down the line, an addicted person may realize that enough is enough and that it is time to seek help. Any quality of life is gone and the future outlook is bleak with a combination of deteriorating health and time spent in prison. For many users, drugs are truly the road to hell.

For the past 20 years, Master Wu Zheng-Zhong, a professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who lives in China’s Gansu Province, has been working with heroin and other opiate users. He has developed a highly successful method of treatment which is quite unique and involves supportive non-judgmental group therapy coupled with a herbal regime designed to cleanse the body and take away the urge to do drugs. There is no enforced suffering and everything is geared to helping the patient become physically well again. Once clear of heroin and other drugs such as methadone and cocaine, the herbal supplements can be continued for an extended period of time to reduce the risk of relapse. The Wu Method does not involve the use of chemical drugs of any kind to help the patient and their addiction.

His work might have gone unnoticed by the rest of the world because drug users in China are dealt with harshly by the government, but, by chance, a British citizen named Mike King heard about the work of Professor Wu when on a personal trip to China in 1999. That visit led to finding the professor at his home city of Lanzhou on the Great Silk Road and he has now spent the past seven years organizing holistic detox trials and introducing the Wu method of drug detoxification to the Western world. There were major trials in Poland to start with, and then, two years ago, our first permanent treatment center the Nature’s Health Solution Pvt. Ltd. opened in Nepal where there is easy access to our facility from Kathmandu Airport and beautiful views of the Himalayan mountain range to behold.

It is nature’s way at work and all the Wu d Detox system asks is that patient has a genuine desire to become drug-free and lead a normal life, free from the harmful influences which once surrounded them. If you are ready to make that decision which will change your life for the better, read on and see what our method of treatment has done for countless others in China, Poland, Argentina, Canada and  Nepal. We look forward to helping you become healthy, drug-free, and happy again.

Here’s to your success and a new way of living. You are not alone, we are here to help.

Created August 2009     Dr. Adrian Garfoot   adriangarfoot@aol.com

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