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You Can Get Help At NHS

We use natural herbs only

There are different types of detox programs and facilities in the world. How to select the right one may seem difficult. At NHS (Nature’s Health Solution) licensed by the government of Nepal, we use holistic style services with all natural herb medicines, acupuncture and acu-massage technique to achieve effective result in merely 20 days. We provide every patient with comprehensive care. Patient’s decision to enter detox program is a serious life-long issue, and is also an effort that demands careful attention from us.¬†Our staff members are on the premises around the clock, closely monitoring every patient in our detox program. We respond to any changing condition immediately. In short we offer unique natural products plus exquisite healing method to treat your addiction problem of either drugs or alcohol.

If you have not had any successful result by other detox programs, or you prefer to have a natural way to do the detox with no chemical medicines whatsoever, then you definitely should use our TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) method for a change. We have detoxified 1,500+ addicts during the past 18 years with marvelous result — very little pain but very much success, and zero fatal case.

We are located in a convenient place for easy traffic along the city’s ring road which takes only 15 minutes from Kathmandu international airport to arrive to. A secluded single house facilitated with individual rooms with private bath for your comfortable stay. And we safeguard your privacy. You will go through the program smoothly under the guidance of our professional medical staff.

When the treatment gets to a happy ending, you may take the opportunity to tour this beautiful country hosting the magnificent Himalayan mountain ranges that shall make your trip even more unforgettable.

Most of all, the cost of our treatment is so affordable. What you might have spent in 20 days for drugs during those 20 days staying with us, may well be more than enough to pay for the forever cure of the problem of your whole life!!!

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