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The Current Drug Detox Methods

First of all, what is drug detox?

One who becomes dependent on drugs regularly is an addict we call. The addict has strong craving that leads him to abnormal behavior, a condition far beyond his control. All addicts are constantly influenced by the toxic substances in every cell of their body. The effort to get rid of the toxin, stop giving the drug and to heal his odd behavior is what we often say: “drug detox” or “drug detoxification”, which is indeed a long, hard-working process. In the entire drug detox treatment duration, the addicts shall experience withdrawal syndromes such as sweating, headaches, nausea, trembling, vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, insomnia, illusion, depression, anxiety, rebellion, etc. The nature and strength of withdrawal syndromes vary so much depending on the type of drugs used, the amount of dosage consumed, how many months or years he¬† has endured.

Currently, drug detox methods can be generally summed up as follows:

1. Medical drug detox

Using medications such as Klonepin, Buprenophex, usually lasts for 3-7 days. Methadone is also another form of medication widely adopted by almost every country nowadays because of its convenience. However it is truly a replacement of the major drugs, ending to perhaps another life long addiction to Methadone. Without exaggeration, the prevailing methadone-detox way spoils the goal of drug detox.

2. Rapid drug detox

Which is conducted under general anesthesia that can be finished in just a few hours in a hospital or clinic that specialized to undertake such treatment. The patient will also be administered with medications during anesthesia period in order to speed up the physical reactions to the rapid withdrawal process. Afterward, the patients may have to attend months long rehabilitation program to secure the result.

3. Natural drug detox

Using herbal product to help eliminate toxins from the body, and the accompanying techniques such as acupuncture and acu-massage to ease the discomfort during withdrawal syndrome period. This type of treatment is gentle, safe, and effective too. Compare with other detox methods that some kind of chemical basis medicine must be applied all together, the natural drug detox may have less or no side effects remained.

At Nature’s Health Solution, our natural drug detox method will guarantee the result, with positive sign of recovery in only 5 days. Then two weeks of body strength build-up time to enhance the total accomplishment. So in a short 20 days the patient regains his new life, with no side effects whatsoever to possibly affect his immediate planning for a new start.

Moreover, we treat alcohol addicts too using the same method, which is another big plus for those who want to get rid of the alcohol addition.

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