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My Testimonial

I have no craving for any drugs or alcohol, not even smoking, I am proud of myself.

I got my life back

My name is Chelsea Lee Carlson. I am 27 and live in Florida. I have been addicted to drugs and other stuff since I was 15 years old. I am an alcoholic. My habits of use of drugs and alcohol have caused a lot of pain for my family, relatives and friends and has resulted in losing someone very special to me.

This year June 10, 2010 my Uncle, Joe Dennie flew from Toronto to Tampa to pick me up and take me to Ontario for treatment using the Wu Method. I was finally ready to commit myself to this because I was desperate and tired of the life I was involved in. I wanted to get my life back.

I started the treatment on June 14 and it ended on July 03 a total of 20 days. I suffered no lasting side effects. There was some initial side affects but they did not last very long. Vomiting, loss of sight, diarrhea, anxiety, sweating.

I also used the EFT (emotional freedom techniques) with this program. I found it to be very useful in handling stress that I encountered.

I am now clean, have no urge for alcohol and none for any drugs either legal or illegal. I was also smoking when I went into this treatment and now I don’t smoke, so that was an interesting bonus.

I want to thank my Uncle Joe Dennie and his friends Tom Yu and Mike King for helping me get through this and for giving me my life back.  It was not easy but I did it and I am very proud of myself now.

I know I have to enroll in some counseling for some time but it will be a lot easier for me to do that because I have nothing in my system and no longer have any urge or craving for my choice of addiction.

I want to recommend this to anyone out there who really wants to quit and start over.

Chelsea Lee

Chelsea Lee Carlson

July 04, 2010

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