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Govt to make Ayurvedic drugs
17 Nov 2007, 0109 hrs IST , TNN

CHANDIGARH: Punjab health department has started an in-house manufacturing facility for Ayurvedic drugs at its Patiala pharmacy to prepare genuine drugs from medicinal plants and herbs under scientific supervision. Raw material worth Rs 1 crore has already been purchased for manufacturing of these drugs. Speaking after inaugurating a refresher course for senior yurvedic medical officers here on Friday, health minister Lakshmi Kanta Chawla said Punjab is the first state to start this novel experiment to provide genuine Ayurvedic drugs. Besides, vigilance wing of the department has been strengthened to check the production and sale of spurious Ayurvedic drugs in the state.


Herbal Treatment for drug users

 Annapurna Post reporter, April 8, 2007

 Pokhara, April 8. Nine drug users are getting treatment in Magic Circle drug treatment center in Pokhara. The users are being treated by Chinese professionals with new herbal therapy.

Drug users have to take these herbal capsules for 40 to 80 days, according to one of the treatment professional. After completion of the treatment the drug user will gradually lose craving for drug, claimed Prof. Wu, the founder of the treatment procedure. The treatment professionals from China and United Kingdom are treating these users since last seven days.

The drug user has to take 150 capsules per day, said Tom, one of the treatment professional. After completing the treatment the user will lose desire to use drugs again, become more serene and fresh and will be away from craving, he added. During the treatment period most of the clients reported to visit bathroom to pass away urine, and they have black stool and more tear than usual, which is the method of excretion of poison from the body, said Tom.

This method is very new to Nepal and Mr. Tom claimed that they have treated more than 1200 clients in China and few more in Poland and United Kingdom

In order to complete the program one has to take 4080 capsules within 40 to 80 days, said Tom. However they are providing free treatment service to needy and poor drug users from Pokhara and surrounding municipality.



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