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Let’s Work Together

Professor Wu the inventor supported by a group of dedicated volunteers and sponsors have been trying hard to introduce this unique treatment system to the public since 2003. We gave demonstration in different places around the world, first time in Poland, then to UK, Canada, Argentina….. finally at our base in Kathmandu, Nepal where Ayurvedic medicine, together with TCM and its practice, are recognized and accepted by both Nepali people and government.

For years the mainstream of using methadone as the major counter- measure to handle detox is commonly implemented in many countries. But the result proven in the past decades are merely discouraging. We see no light ahead in the path of detox operation. Shall we continue this small drug for big drug manipulation? This is just like drinking the poison water to stop the thirst, or, to steal a bell by only wearing the ear plugs.

And on the other hand at the same time, this Wu Method and its natural herbal products with the accompanying TCM techniques proven to be effective, safe, affordable, are so much neglected. What a regret!

Many people accuse that this traditional, alternative, holistic way is unscientific that should not be trusted. Our pledge would then be: the continuous test and try approach of TCM for the past thousands of years is scientific enough, even though its mystery cannot yet be explained by the modern science. Other concerns imply that the herbs used may contain toxic compounds, heavy metal, and lack of quality control. The answer to this is that all our TCM are manufactured by a GPM certified pharmaceutical plant, thus these concerns seem not necessary.

Our intention and action here in Nepal are to help those who genuinely want to have a new life. For each and every addict saved means great relief to himself, his family, his community and his country. For this goal we sincerely invite other detox operators to visit us and watch how we are doing. When the fact — how simple, safe, effective in only 20 days —  is verified and if  you ever want to share with our idea, we will support you without any reservation so that you may enhance whatever you are now doing.

There are too many addicts who need help, we should work together to help them — May God bless all of us for that mission.

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