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Is Insite In Vancouver A Solution?

We should treat it by an effective, affordable way.
Insite at Downtown, Vancouver

The recent case of Insite in Vancouver, Canada aroused world-wide attention. The Supreme Court of Canada announced its landmark decision on letting North America’s first supervised injection facility Insite for addicts to be operated continuously.

This controversial issue has been existing in Canada during the past 8 years. Insite was set up in 2003 in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside so that drug addicts could inject drugs safely, with sterile needles. It has administered more than one million injections since 2010.

Supreme Court Judge Marshall Rothstein said in the hearing: “If you’re successful here, there could be Insites all over the country.”  The court’s ruling is seen as a key role in determining whether similar facilities will be established elsewhere.

Supporters applaud the court’s ruling and we agree with it from the humanitarian point of view. But the question: Is assisting addicts by providing a quick fix or the replacement drug, the fundamental solution?

Obviously not. We need to treat the disease, not to assist it. We should treat it using an effective way. That is our way — holistic and 100% natural, without side effects, very little or no pain, and very affordable.

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