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Detox The Addicts By Herbs & Acupuncture

Detox Drug addicts, Drug detox by herbs & acupuncture(or Drug Detoxification)The description about a program of detoxification to treat drug and alcohol addicts can be found at another column Detox by TCM which we hope may enhance your comprehension about this unprecedented method. But why come to Kathmandu, Nepal?

We have answers for that question:

1. Nepal is a country with its rich multi-culture, multi-religion background that has recognized and accepted its Ayurvedic medicines for a long history. Our clinic Nature’s Health Solution has applied to use TCM method to offer the medical services and is approved by Nepal government for such doing. When many other countries in the world seem to either thwart the effort, or completely shut their doors for the traditional, alternative and holistic style of medical practice, we can still luckily dwell at this corner to continuously demonstrate our capability as well as offering our services to those who desperately look for an optional solution.

2. The never-rush life style quickly impacts on visitors from other part of the busy world, that they will slow down the pace too during their stay. We think this separation from the old attachments that he has been involved in his home town will create a new no-interference surroundings with relaxing and easy going atmosphere for his detox process, which in turn should be to his advantage with a better result.

3. If the treated one ever opting to do some traveling as a tourist after the whole program is finished, the beautiful green and snowy scenery along the renowned Himalayan range, plus the ancient relics spots scattered all over the nation, may help clear one’s mind and perhaps leading to some thorough evaluation about his future life. The comparison of what he has experienced in this rather poor country Nepal to what he used to own and live before his addiction, is the word appreciation would mean.

In short, what we are doing is to offer a package of both treatment and rehabilitation that works out a marvelous result in only 20 days.

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