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Ayurvedic Drug Detox

The Doshas chart

The ancient India healing system Ayurveda recommends detox based on one’s particular Doshas. The emphasizes are primarily: eat healthy diet, adopt fasting intervals and do thorough cleansing program, all for the purpose of preventing  the toxins being accumulated in the body, the whole system is harmoniously balanced, therefore to avoid illness.

But, when comes to the dealing of drug or alcohol addiction, there seems very few formulations or methods transferred down for both doctor and victim to follow. If we rely only on the existing available Ayurvedic ways to handle the flooding drug/alcohol addiction problems, the outcome will be far from our desire.

However, we should not be discouraged by this regrettable fact. We must have the confidence because since Ayurveda has a reputable history to treat people for all sort of sickness, there must be rich resources of natural plants and together with some special healing practices for us to explore, so that we can well utilize to meet the huge demand of detox task that is desperately needed in both India and Nepal, as well as other countries world wide.

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